7 Things to Consider Before Painting the House’s Exterior 

Painting the exterior of the house is not easy. You have to consider a lot of factors before you will achieve the color and finish you want. But we’re here to help, so read more.  


Consider the Weather 

You should have a through planning when it comes to painting any part of your house. If you’re painting the exterior, you should consider the weather patterns in your locality. Select the season where the humidity is low and the rain doesn’t fall too much. Paint will need long time to try and if the surface is wet, it won’t adhere to that.  

Quality Over Price 

Most of us are tainted with the price of a product, but it should come next after the quality. When you choose paint, you should buy the high-quality one. If you use high quality paint, you will get a better coverage and paint over fewer times. There are paints that can last longer than others. Do not choose the cheap paints because you will have more problems in the future.  

Sand and Wash 

The surface should be sanded before you apply the paint. The paint won’t adhere that much if you apply it to rough or dirty surfaces. You should make sure that the siding is cleaned. Sand the surface, allow drying and sanding it. The surface should be solid, so the paint will adhere and you get a smooth finish.  

Replace Rotten Siding 

If you’re painting over wooden material, assess their condition first before you paint. Rotten siding and wood material will just deteriorate overtime, so painting it is just going to be worthless. Replace the material with a new one. If the condition is still nice, just use wood hardener and exterior filler product. After that, don’t forget to prep and sand the surface before you paint it.  

Don’t Forget the Primer 

The best rule to follow when painting is applying the primer first, sanding the surface and then applying the paint. This should also be followed to get a full coverage and smooth finish. The good thing is that there are products that are both primer and paint, so you don’t have to wait for the primer to dry. This will result to lesser number of coatings you need to apply. It might be expensive, but it’s worth the investment.  

Paint from Top to Bottom 

When you’re already applying the paint, make sure you make your way from the top all the way down. You will be working with gravity instead of against it. This will result to lesser drips and fewer mishaps during the process. If there are mishaps, it would be easy to feather them out.  

Add Grit or Traction 

If you’re painting your porch including the steps, it could become too slick because of the coating. But you can add traction to it by adding bits of fine sand. There are manufacturers who provide additives or sand for the surface’s extra texture.  


5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Paint 

If you have a remodeling project on the way, choosing the right color of a paint is just one of the long processes you have to determine. There are many things to consider if you’re repainting a room. It’s not just about the color of the paint; it’s also about the quality of the liquid and the type of surface you’re painting. Not all paints are created equal; there are good paints and also amazing paints.  


So if you’re upgrading the look of your house, you should understand how these paints differ. If you’re not that confident, you can always hire Panama City Painters. The following are the important things you should consider when selecting your paint.  


The coverage quality of the paint is important if you’re trying to cover a surface with an existing paint or if you want the room to have a deep color. You should determine the number of coats you’re planning. There are paints that are meant to hide the flaws and will get the job done quickly by covering whatever discoloration and old paint the surface has. There are also paints that are self-priming, which means that they are a primer and a paint at the same time. Such type will make a difference for the coverage. You can achieve the full coverage you want by just one coating.  

Color Richness 

Another factor to consider is the richness of the color. How deep the color should be? And what elements are they going to be exposed on? If you’re painting the exterior of your house, chances are, it’s going to be exposed to a lot of elements so you need a paint that remains to be vibrant for many years. Such paints should be tinted with strong colorants and formulated with custom resins so the color remains true and rich. If you chose a deep color, the more reason you should go for the richer paint.  

Smell Factor 

Another important thing that you should consider is the smell factor of the paint. It should be user-friendly and doesn’t irritate the eyes and nose of the painter. There are paints that are rich with volatile organic compounds, which are harmful chemicals you can commonly see on paints. You should go for a paint that has low VOC content, more or less about 50 grams of that content per liter. If you can go for a zero VOC paint; the better.  


There are paints that can be easily washed off especially if you’re cleaning the surface you painted it on. Those are low-quality paints. If you’re painting high traffic spots like hallways, kitchens and porches, you should choose the paint that’s formulated to stay rich in its color no matter how many cleanups you did. If you also choose a paint finish (pearl, eggshell and gloss); you should also consider the washability factor.  

Paint and Primer in One 

There are paints that claim to be paint and primer in one. That’s a great paint because you don’t have to wait for the primer to dry. Plus, it’s going to be easy for you to choose the color and paint it.